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Forest owners often ask the following question:

- What is the value of my forest?

Forest Estimation Just in 3 Hours!



Forest owners often ask the following questions:

- What is the value of my forest?

- Is it the right time to sell my forest?

- What is the best price I can get for my forest?

- Is it better to sell a forest or standing timber?



We will give fast answers to your questions and will give you several PRICE offers. All you have to do is choose the offer that meets your needs best. Each forest is different like a person.


What determines the value of your forest?

■ Type of timber;

■ Age of the forest;

■ Previously performed forest works: clearing, forest thinning and routine felling;

■ Condition of the forest – whether the forest is dying, there are wind falling trees);

■ Efficiency;

■ Tree felling in the neighbouring (adjoining) land plots;

■ Legal status, order of documents, restrictions and limitations;

■ Whether your forest is PROTECTED – in the reservation and whether some protected animals, birds or plants  live there;

■ Communications, roads and infrastructure;

■ Area of your forest estate.


As you can see there are a lot of factors that determine the forest price, because for our estimation to be as precise as possible and for the right estimation of your forest price, we will need:


■ In case you have a valid forest management project, we will need:

- Forest taxation document;

- Forest clearing table and

- Plan of the tree plantation.


■ If no information of forest management is available we will need the forest identification number, which is available in the ownership documents issued by the State establishment Centre of Registers.  It can be:

- unique number;

- registration number or

- cadastral number.


We will find a forest taxation data in the forest database according to your forest cadastral number and we will make estimation in a few hours as PRECISE as possible just in a few hours.



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