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We give an advisory opinion to legal and natural persons on the following issues:

■  Forestry and

■  Legal (forest and land).


Being foresters we can give a FREE advisory opinion to customers of our company.

Advisory services include areas such as:


■ Forest use and forest maintenance;

■ Forest clearing;

■ Sale of forests (what the best time for selling a forest with the land is and when it is better to sell standing timber for clearing what to do in order to get the best price for the sold forest);

■ Reforestation;

■ Drafting of projects, documents and obtaining licences;

■ How to maintain a forest properly (when and what specific jobs should be performed in the forest: clearing, routine felling, making wood lots and perform other routine operations of the forest owner) ;

■ Collection of the latest price of the timber;

■ Information about what a person who intends to sell or buy a forest should know.

DEAR SELLERS OF FORESTS: We will always make a fast and FREE estimation of your forest, i.e. we will tell the price we would buy your forest at.


Many people think a forest always looks the same, however in real life it is different: it varies by age, environment (neighbourhood), volume of performed works, generosity, previous maintenance, soil and „health“. Whereas there are a lot of factors that determine the price of your forest, thus in order to make as accurate and fast estimation as possible we will need the following:


■ If a project for forest management is available we will need:


- Forest taxation document;

- Forest clearing table and

- Plan of the tree plantation.


■ If no information of forest management is available we will need the forest identification number, which is available in the ownership documents issued by the State establishment Centre of Registers.  It can be:


- unique number;

- registration number or

- cadastral number.



We will find a forest taxation data in the forest database according to your forest cadastral number and we will make estimation in a few hours as precise as possible just in a few hours. However, it will be just a documental estimation of your forest. In most cases in order to tell the exact price we have to go to the lot and examine it on the site. We do not need your assistance – we find a forest with the help of specific equipment.





Our qualified professionals – experts and lawyers have a lot of experience in the area of buying and selling of lots and forests, will give you a professional answer to your questions and will help you to prepare and handle documents for the deal. The forest yours, the bothers - ours!


We offer the following legal advice:

■ Advice to the customers in case of  division of real estate or establishing the order of use among co-owners; represent persons in disputes between co-owners;

■ Filing of ownership documents;

■ Debt payment;

■ Advice on inheritance of the real estate;

■ Legal services for  registration of the real estate, proprietary rights to the real estate and legal facts in appropriate state registers;

We give an advisory opinion  in regards to  restriction of proprietary rights to the real estate;

■ We prepare deals that determine restrictions of the real estate;

■ We represent our customers in negotiations, analyse situations and suggest the most optimal solutions.


We will kindly answer all your questions and as always will pay a good price for the forest for sale.




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