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Has been working in the area of forestry since 2007. We are steady, reliable and high reputation specialists.

We perform works in a fast and high quality manner; get positive feedback from our customers and this makes us think we work very well.

Our main activities are focused on preparation of timber, wood production, buying of forests and land and their due maintenance.

Forest owners and forest sellers like us for our fairness, efficiency and reliability.

A forest is live and changes constantly: gets ill, decomposes, adds or loses its value, thus it needs suitable care. By purchasing forests we prepare forest management projects and thus make all kinds of works in forests so that the forest stays sturdy and so we could enjoy it in the future. We use modern forestry machinery and have a professional team, which enable us to achieve good results and leave a NEW and sturdy forest for future generations.

If you have some questions about maintenance, sale of your forest or documents, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you to find the best solution.

Our goal is to become the best Lithuanian forestry company.

Areas of our activities

■ Advice to forest owners;

■ Purchase of various forests;

■ Logging works;

■ Buying and selling of round wood;

■ Drafting of forest management projects;

■ Routine felling;

■ Making wood lots;

■ Trade in constructional timber;

■ Preparation of timber according to customer’s request;

■ Trade in firewood and wood containers;

■ Trade in biofuel and;

■ Reforestation.

Our lawyers offer legal advice on the following issues:


■ Legal advice on all issues related to the land and forests;

■ Management of ownership documents;

■ Debt payment;

■ Restoration of the succession right;

■ Division of plots into separate estates and

■ Representation in legal disputes.

We will be glad to answer all questions of your concern and as always we will pay a good price for your forest for sale.

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